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Wiredash Docs

Hey there 👋 Welcome to the Wiredash Docs!

Here you'll find all info on how to

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What is Wiredash?

Wiredash is probably the easiest and most convenient way to capture in-app user feedback, wishes, ratings and much more.

Written in Dart

The Wiredash SDK is completely written in Dart, the same programming language the Flutter framework itself is written in. That makes Wiredash a first-class citizen inside the Flutter ecosystem.

Having one SDK for all platforms allows us to go beyond existing solutions. Wiredash features new UX paradigms, a polished look and a smooth developer experience.

All platforms? Yes, we support Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux and the Web.

Zero Friction™

When you include Wiredash in your app, it becomes part of it. The feedback flow does not feel like a third-party tool that is launched from your app. Wireash is fully customizable and utilizes Flutter's superpowers to create a super-smooth UX which magically makes your users want to give feedback - promised 🤞

Open Source

The Wiredash SDK is completely open-source and can be found on GitHub. We believe you should be able to read the code that you shipping with your app.

Made by the Community

Wiredash is built by Flutter enthusiasts from the community who have been part of the game since the early alpha days. It started as a simple proof of concept and organically grew into something bigger with the help of many talented devs. And oh yes, we honestly love what we do ❤️

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