# Custom Properties

Wiredash can be initialized with custom properties such as the email of the currently logged in user, a generic user id from your app or other build information.

# User Properties

You can set user properties to be sent together with the feedback by calling:

  userEmail: 'mail@example.com',
  userId: 'custom-id',


For privacy reasons the userEmail won't be attached automatically but it will be used to populate the input field so the user does not have to fill it in manually.

# Build Information

During run-time

You can receive information about build number and build version together with the user feedback. Set build properties before sending the feedback by calling:

  buildNumber: '42',
  buildVersion: '1.42',

You can also define them during compile-time instead.

Setting build properties during compile-time

Available only when using Flutter 1.17 or newer

If you want to receive information about build number, build version or specific commit related to the feedback you can pass additional parameters to your flutter build or flutter run command.

To receive the build information along with your feedback you mast pass --dart-define flags to your flutter build command as follows:

flutter build --dart-define=BUILD_NUMBER=$BUILD_NUMBER --dart-define=BUILD_VERSION=$BUILD_VERSION --dart-define=BUILD_COMMIT=$FCI_COMMIT

Supported keys are:


In the example above $BUILD_NUMBER is an environment variable defined in CI. Of course you can also use any other value or variable like --dart-define=BUILD_NUMBER="1.0.42".

Most of the CI platforms define some common environment variables containing current build number and SHA of commit used to build the app. For instance, on Codemagic these are BUILD_NUMBER and FCI_COMMIT respectively.

Be aware that this feature was added in Flutter 1.17 (opens new window) and won't work in previous versions.